About Martin Semerad

I believe that we all can be more attractive and productive people with proper use of body language techniques.

We can understand others better, we can communicate better so both sides are happy.

And as we all know, everything is about communication. So why not to put it on the next level with body language?

My story

I am Martin Semerad, as you can know from the title of the website. I come from the Czech Republic and my story begins a pretty long time ago.

As young, I have been always a little different. I have been reading books on self development, psychology, theology. I have been always asking why, even when no-one had an answer, I searched for that. By different, I mean more committed, for someone obsessed.  

My first contact with body language came very early in my life, maybe about age 13-14 when I found out that communication is not only about words, that there are a bunch of other stuff that has to be counted in. So my parents bought me my first book on body language topic and I think it was from James Borg. 

Then I started to make my own observation, and thinking on this topic as the time passes, I noticed that people treat me in a different way than the others, that I can get some privileges without even asking about them. 

For example, when I started to attend high school, where I have been studying mechanical engineering, I knew since day one, I hate it and I will never do that for living. But anyway I finished that studying successfully but a major success made my knowledge how to impress people by myself, by my presentation, body language, communication. Even during passing my final exam – maturita exam. I was supposed to speak about CAD systems and with the supervising teacher we were speaking about how I want to become body language expert and I gave him a reading and as the result, I got the maturita certification with one of the best ratings in my year. 

I love reading classical books like a Shakespeare f.e. and I totally love reading books, I know that it will push me on the next level in anything, starting from body language, communication, philosophy, theology, martial arts, every time I open new book, I have a feeling, I will become a superhero when I finish it because of the summary at the back of every book.

I also do handstands and sometimes work out, I used to train martial arts and I have been a competitive swimmer. 

And one more accomplishment I made with my body language skills is that I have picked my wife on my smile, and these are her own words, pinky promise. I smile a lot and it gives back its fruits, it means you’re gonna hear quite a lot about a smile from me. 

Interesting and fun facts about me

• I’m very young and a lot of people don’t want to believe me when I tell them how old I am

•I love watching Friends and The Mentalist with my wife

•I’m super curious about every single new knowledge, I can get

•I love walking in the night

•People are scared being around me, when they find out what do I do

•I used to be a hip hop fan wearing huge pants and just an undershirt and this time put me on the path, I walk on today

•I don’t like tomatoes

•I’m very patient 

•I’ve wanted to be an astronaut, SWAT member, soldier, mechanical engineer, martial art master and I today I don’t want to be either of that 

•I love a classical music


FACS certification – Paul Ekman Group, LLC

Micro-expressions – Paul Ekman, LLC

Subtle-Expressions – Paul Ekman, LLC

Body Language for Entrepreneurs – Science of people, Vanessa Van Edwards

Complete Body Language for Business – TJ Walker

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