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Comprehensive course on observing and interpreting body language clues like intentions, moods, facial expressions, relationships signs, love signs and much more! It takes about 9 hours to get through this (without doing the exercises.) 

The title speaks for itself very much. Building confidence in communication will win you a lot of battles and spare you a lot of troubles. It’s worth mastering this skill! 

Face is tricky to read BUT when you can read it, it will give you enormous insight into other people’s mind because it is very hard to fake! Not at first but then you are like Patrick Jane. 

More in depth science behind creating powerful first impression. How to manage the first moments of any meeting to get most out of it? 

Does he or she likes me? Very practical guide how to determine whether someone is feeling positive towards you or not. It takes 2 hours to get through the course but you will benefit from the skill for the rest of your life!