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Ambiguity in body language is a tricky thing. In this blog post, I will tell you a story I experienced where this phenomenon came alive. Ready steady to divy?

That’s a very good question. Why should I pay attention to body language, can I get out of it something I wouldn’t get otherwise? 


How does a Body Language Expert live in causal life? You can find it out in this special blog where I describe funny or interesting stories related to body language from my life.

Top 5 observation tips how to know someone doesn’t like you. 


Observing the body language of people you talk is very powerful tool how to be a better communicator.

It helps you peek into the emotions and intentions of others so you can better understand them. 

A word usually has its meaning. A movement has also its meaning, but the meaning depends on things like a context, cluster, time.

If you are interested, you are invited to enter.  

Let’s find out how amazingly are we designed for each other.

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