I will start with body language side of this issue but I certainly don’t want to say that body language is everything in the relationship and that you don’t need to talk at all.

A lot of people are talking about how powerful it is and that it will change your life and you will be like a *someone who can read minds*. 

Naturally, two parts of body language come out of this separation. First one is observing body language and the second one is performance. Sending a message and receiving a message. Both of these skills are vital for mastery.

Having knowledge about body language is not exactly the same as using body language in casual life to make it the nicest possible.

Observe yourself so you could see the world. You need to see what is inside si you could see what is outside properly. Enjoy the journey.


As every nation speaks a unique language, I believe that every nation also speaks a unique body language.

It was around 2 years ago when I wanted to change a job in London. I was looking all around sending CVs to every decent offer I could find and one day, I got a response and a huge adventure begun. 

Let me tell you a story about what is it like to find out someone doesn’t like you. 

Let me be a little selfish in this post, haha.

I want to tell you a story about how I used my body language skill and made money on a free event.

We try to read body language of others but we find that there is nothing the same like in the text-book. And that’s why we need to think out of the box.

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