Looking at people and understanding what you see is essential for every healthy relationship and not just in romantic ones.

Body language is unbelieavably stong when we try to communicate something and we strive to be remembered. It’s all about emotions.

Body language is a powerful communication tool, its power could be explained on the Platon’s personality model. Enjoy reading it.

Beauty is way more than a nice body but let’s look at the body language and attractiveness together. With a visit of a beauty contest.  

In these days which most of us are facing for the first time, it is very difficult to cope with all the measurements from WHO (World Health Organisation) and individual governments. 


Prague is a beautiful city with beautiful people in it but the people are shielding themselves so much, you sometimes can’t even see them.

Let’s have a look at the next body language accent, for today it is from the United Kingdom, more specifically from London.

As every nation speaks a unique language, I believe that every nation also speaks a unique body language.

It was around 2 years ago when I wanted to change a job in London. I was looking all around sending CVs to every decent offer I could find and one day, I got a response and a huge adventure begun. 

Let me tell you a story about what is it like to find out someone doesn’t like you. 

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