Story 1 - Famous Actress in Vitaland

It was a regular working day in my day job in Prague, Czech Republic. I worked as a shop assistant in a sports nutrition shop called Vitaland. That day was not special to me but kind of special for a lady, I am about to tell you about. 

There were a lot of different people coming so it is a great place to train reading people. You can practise reading confidence, guessing what does the person does for a living etc. and you will meet very interesting people from all around the world.  

At one moment a lady came to the shop so I came to ask her if I can help her somehow, she rejected me with the word she knows what she came for. 

And at this moment, I started to notice something strange. The lady kept looking at from time to time but didn’t want me to talk to her. Her body language was confident enough for me to know she doesn’t need to talk to me. She was a nice lady in her mid 40. Well-groomed, enough for me to get a sensation there is going something strange on. Her movements were a bit slower than all other people. Her facial expressions showed more of the dominance than friendliness. She had this important person unspoken speech.

When I noticed this body language, I started thinking like “oh my.. this must be some famous person”. But I have no idea who is it. Then her constant looking at me started to make a sense. It meant, she was checking me for signs I recognised her. But unfortunately, she didn’t get any of these signs. 

After this deduction, she came to the till and we had a member club in that shop and if you wanted to have access to some advantages you have to say your name to the shop assistant so he could find you in computer. 

She came there and said, she is a member of the club. 

“I am a member of your club.”  (no name said) 

“Great. And the name, please.”


“And your first name, please.”


After this incident, I was concrete sure that she must be a famous person, yet I still didn’t recognise her, neither I did her name. So the incident was over and she left. Afterwards, I googled her and found out she is a quite famous actress performing in several movies and TV series in the Czech Republic. And at this point, I knew why she acted the way she did. It made my day, that I have this funny story and my body language observing was correct enough to be the truth. 

On the other hand, I think I have totally ruined her day. She thought I know her. I didn’t. She hoped I will know her by her surname. I didn’t.  

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