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How to know when to talk to somebody? 🧐

What to observe to know whether they are really paying attention to you? 🤓

There are certain body language traits which if you know, you can be much more successful in communication with all the people near you like your family, coworkers, your boss or a partner you live with. 🤩

Learn how to read these body language traits in this free online course. Start today and get better every single day. 🔥

Lesson #1 – Observational Challenge + Introduction to the course 

Lesson #2 – The Way of Looking + Importance of Attention in Communication

Lesson #3 – Core Direction Attention – The connecting part

Lesson #4 – The most hidden & expressive body part

Lesson #5 – Downloadable checklist of Hidden Signs

Lesson #6 – Easy Everyday Use + New Challenge

Lesson #7 – Why is Body Language so Important? 

Lesson #8 – Ways to Improve Quicker! 

Lesson #9 – Tell the world who is the king! 

Lesson #10 – Good bye email 

This free course contains:

✅ 2 cool challenges designed to improve observational skills 

✅ 7 lessons on body language observing 

✅ Downloadable PDF checklist to practise observing Hidden Signs

✅ Exclusive discount deals to the paid programs

✅Direct access to the talkative instructor  

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