How to make people like you!

By entering this course you are deciding to change something. To change how you’re going to impact others. 

WARNING! Everyone will like you even more, then they do now! Be ready to handle that! 

It is very important to realize that our body speaks on our behalf, it is a very powerful tool in conversation, so now I would like to tell you how to use your body in the best possible way. 

Let’s find out, how to do that! 

We all like things that are similar to what do we know or like. It is one of the ways how you determine if you are going to meet the person again or not.

When you know how to use mirroring you also know how to make people feel comfortable with you ergo how to like you.

The eyes are a window to your soul.
-W. Shakespeare-

Not just William noticed that eyes can say all a story that we might not want to say at all. Our eyes (face) are extremely explicit. We are able to detect insanely small muscle contractions in other people faces and that is why the eyes are considered as a window to a soul.

We need to offer something authentic, something our to be liked. We need to know our price and show that. When we will be calm and confident we will be more accepted. On the other hand, is it good to always a dominant one? What do you think? 

Here you got a couple of milliseconds.

A couple milliseconds to impress.

And you won’t ever get more, so spend it wisely. 

And now, put everything together. Practise it a little and you will be a very persuasive brand new person.