How to spot a fake smile!

Welcome here! Enjoy this course where I will take you through basic information about a smile, how does a smile look like, what could a smile mean, and is sometimes good to use a fake or social smile.

Dr Duchenne was the first person, who distinguished and described a genuine smile. That is also the reason why a genuine smile is sometimes called a Duchenne smile.

So let’s have a look at it. 

Some people might tell that it is almost rude to use a social aka fake smile. But sometimes it saves lives. Our society uses it every single day and I think that in a couple of situations it is good and important. 

A smile can be mixed with other emotions and they together create different shades of the smile. Sometimes even a different head movement together with a smile can have a meaning. 

Unfortunately, a smile is often used when we are trying to lie, or at least not to be completely honest. 

But why is that? 

Let me tell you that in this video. 

And finally, how does it actually look like on our face? What muscles are contracted in The Duchenne Smile and which in The Social Smile? 

You’ll also find out how good are you at spotting fake smiles.