Impressive Body Language

Have you notices someone can impress people easily with natural ease and on the other hand some people struggle when they have to meet people and have a lot problems impressing them intentionally? 

In this course you will what is the science behind impressing people. Being impressive, being someone people will remember is teachable skill that can be learnt by anyone. 

When you will follow these advices you will shift your interpersonal skills on the next level. Human beings are very complicated creatures and on the other hand they are pretty simple, you need to find a balance between these two descriptions. If you will consider them too complicated you will lose a motivation and inspiration to even learn about how to impress them and on the other hand when you will consider them too simple you would have to be either genius or dumb but either way you would not have an inspiration to learn something more about them. 

And if you will find the balance, you will find an inspiration to learn something about them and after you gain some of the skills and you will find out, it really works your willingness to learn more about them will increase as the techniques will increase on its efficiency. 

We will cover basic principals of impressing people as the power of:

  • first impressing 

  • Self-confidence 

  • Friendliness

  • communication

  • encouraging body language 

  • Observing 


Section 1


  • Body Language – What/Why
  • A subconscious mind
  • Dr Mehrabian Scheme

Section 2

First Impression

  • Importance
  • Strength

Section 3


  • Dominance 
  • Smile 
  • Openness 
  • Practise

Section 4


  • Ask questions 
  • Make people talk about themselves
  • Don’t disagree
  • Enjoy it

Section 5

Encouraging Body Language

  • Head movements
  • Paying FULL attention with your body 

Section 6

What to observe

  • Facial expressions
  • Bored signs 
  • Engagement signs 

Section 7


  • Putting it together