Reveal people who dislike you by body language techniques

Have you ever wonder if someone likes you or not?

Do you talk to people on a daily basis?

If the answer is YES, you need to know how to know if the other people are enjoying talking to you, if the conversation is going well and you will sign it right now. On the other hand, how to know that the person you talk to doesn’t really like you and you won’t see that person anymore, you won’t close the deal or you won’t have another date.

In this course, I am talking about how to make accurate evaluations if the person likes you or not. I am going through several body language clues that will surely tell you if the person is enjoying being around you. At the end of the course, you will see things, you haven’t seen before and based on that thing you will be able to say if the person will be happy to meet you next time.

Story alongside the course is about me meeting a complete stranger and our conversation. We were in a coffee-house in Prague and we were supposed to talk about a psychological project for finishing a bachelor degree when I noticed, the stranger guy has some problem with me. It was a bunch of subtle clues and he asked what his body language says about him. So a told him… If you are interested in finding out how does it end, enrol for the course.

Section 1


  • Story
  • Subtle body language
  • Emotions
  • Lying to yourself

Section 2


  • Head movements
  • Stress signs
  • Averting gaze 
  • Nodding & Story

Section 3

Facial Expressions

  • Genuine smile
  • Fake smile
  • How to spot these
  • Contempt

Section 4


  • Averting 
  • Active blocking
  • Passive blocking

Section 5


  • Orienting 
  • Blocking
  • Why?

Section 6


  • Changes 
  • Seating arrangements
  • Aggressive/Comforting style
  • How does it work?

Section 7


  • Time frame of observing