Dating is a very complex and sophisticated yet very natural process of developing relationships. It is something that should be totally easy but unfortunately, it is not, we struggle with it and often trying to discover the magic in it. We also hope you will find some universal hacks how to do it properly in the articles like this but I have to disappoint you, you will have to go out and do it, not this article nor any other dating tips.

Since we are clear with it let’s start.

I will start with body language side of this issue but I certainly don’t want to say that body language is everything in the relationship and that you don’t need to talk at all. Maybe if it would be a type of relationships like in the TV series Friends between Paulo and Rachel, well they didn’t need to talk, hah.

In dating at the very first point you need to master the body language of yours and also observing and reading the body language of the person you are dating. Because we know the first impressions are nonverbal. The second point, we need to master the way we conversate.

By mastering your nonverbal communication, you will convey and report that you are a person who knows who he or she is. Mostly, when you don’t answer this type of question, you struggle to date someone because it is projected to your body language. If you know who you are, your body language will be confident, dominant but not threatening, smiling but not a psychiatric patient, you will know how to listen, your words will know how to have the conversation, how to ask and how to sooth. Simply said, you will be irresistibly attractive.

By mastering observation and reading the body language of the person you just date, you will be perfectly aware of the stage of the relationship you are just in. You will know whether that person is attracted to you or not. This is a tricky question because dating is a place where people lie to themselves most. They are trying to bend the facts so it fits their desired outcome a.k.a. the person loves them… but maybe just doesn’t know it yet. If your observations are honest, you will save yourself a lot of effort, and a lot of time and possibly a lot of tears. You will know where you are in the relationship and you will know when to push it a little or on the other side to hold for a little while.

Did you know that man in the old times had to “take a course” on how to compose poems, play an instrument, talk properly so they could court to the woman they love?

And that is the third part of this story.

By mastering your spoken word you make sure that the impression you made by your body language will last, or will be past. Nonverbal characteristics will win you the attention of the person for a transitional period. Verbal characteristics decide whether it will be a short/long-time thing.

Courting, dating and all this love life is SOOOO sophisticated that one article is definitely not enough. This was just an introduction to the issue and the next time we will talk about something more specific.

See you next time.

With love,


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