She doesn't like me…

TOP 5 tips on how to know someone doesn’t like you!

Knowing someone doesn’t like you is a very powerful and useful tool you can use in your daily life. It will give an inside in honesty of people you are just meeting, you will be more easily able to make appropriate decisions on how to act around the person next time. 

Body language of others can tell you a lot about how the person feels about you. If she is enjoying being around. If you are going to see each other some other time. There are a couple of subtle expressions you can read and evaluate to know how are you doing with her. 

Let me introduce you my TOP 5 observations which help me with evaluating if the person is feeling well with me or not. I will give you a specific stories in a special blog from body language expert’s life, I am preparing at the moment.

Tip n.1 - Head

It is not very important if you are just saying your name or talking about an important issue the amount of nodding will tell you how much a person enjoys talking to you. 

When she is nodding a lot, you can be pretty sure she enjoys being around you. On the other side when she is not nodding, you have a problem because nodding is a subconscious behaviour, therefore it’s difficult to fake it. So when she is not nodding, you should change an approach because she is not happy or comfortable.

Tip n.2 - Torso

The torso is the biggest part in body language descriptions and the biggest part we are guarding intently when we are threatened.

You have to watch where her torso face. When she is standing right in front of you and you see the torso is facing to you, you can proudly say, she is paying you full attention and that’s a good start!

On the other hand when you notice she is standing in front of you but her torso is averted away from you for example to the direction she went before you stopped her. It means, her attention is not on you but on the way she went on. So, you want to let her go because she is not happy around you at the moment.

Tip n.3 - Legs

More accurately feet. 

Feet are the furthest part of the body from the brain, it means it is the least controlled part. The orientation of feet tells you the same as the torso does but it’s more accurate in direction. 

And it works! My promises! 

Tip n.4 - Enthusiasm

It is nice when you talk to someone and you are passionate about it but more important in order to be more like is to make passionate her about you. 

When you notice there is no spark in her eye, you have probably a problem. When you don’t see, she is enjoying talking to you, she won’t look for next contact with you. 

Tip n.5 - Time

How long can she stay together with you? 

Was it just hi and then she left? Something is probably wrong! 

To implement this tip, you need to put together all the tips described above and do the math. If she was nodding, torso and feet directed to you and she enjoyed it and yet had to leave, she most likely liked you but had to be some place else. On the other hand, if she hasn’t done any of the movement described and had to leave early then you have a problem. 

This tip doesn’t count as vital when all the others are positive but is incriminating when the rest is negative. 

Online course “Reveal people who dislike you in business or dating” can be found on this link

Video on the same topic is available on this link

In the next articles, I will be talking more about how to pick more information from observing, how to be more accurate in it and how to use it in your advantage. 
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