You’re not gonna get it!

Let me tell you a next story somehow related to the body language issue. This particular story will be about how I applied for a job in London and the moment I applied I knew, I am not gonna get the call. 

After getting married, I and my wife decided to go to gain some experiences in the world so we decided to go to London because I have already been here and she came here to visit me and she liked it as well…and so and so… 

So here we are, in London but we obviously need to get some job. We started to going all around and asking for jobs. I wanted to try to work in a café so I could tick off next point at my imaginary job wish-list.

I’ll skip the reasons why I wanted to try to work in a café and learn how to make a coffee but let me show off how nice latte art I already can make, haha. 

When I came to one café near the place I live and dropped a CV in that shop, the lady asked me whether I was looking for a part-time job or full-time job?

When I replied full-time job a strong fear micro-expression appeared on her face and at that very moment, I knew that there is no point waiting for a call to there. It was a wrong answer, they haven’t been looking for people on a full-time job and she knew it very well. She told me by her fear micro expression, although her real word response was: “Alright, thank you, we will give you a call!” 

Snap of fear micro-expression

And do you think I got the call? 

No, I didn’t!

Reading this type of body language signs isn’t very easy to learn but when you put a real effort in it, you will save a lot of questions in the future and a lot of expectations. Luckily for me, I didn’t like the café very much so I was even maybe a little happy that it didn’t work. 

When I first started reading facial expressions it didn’t work very well and I was a bit demotivated by that. After taking a couple of trainings and still couldn’t spot any of it in real life. Then, I realised I have to let settle it down. These information needs a bit of time and a bit of training before it will actually start working. 

By this story, I want to show you that when you are starting and can’t find any of the body language or facial expressions cues whatsoever, don’t give up on it! It just needs more practice, it just needs more time and than it will work to the extent, you will apply for a job and you will know whether you gonna get the call or not! 

Proven and signed by me. 🙂 

In the next articles, I will be talking more about how to pick more information from observing, how to be more accurate in it and how to use it in your advantage. 
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