The airport is the place where you can stuck for hours awaiting your flight and because of being nervous yourself and being in a nervous environment, you have pretty much nothing to do. And I want to talk about the moment I realized something about reading body language when nothing is going on.

It was time we were coming back from our honeymoon from Rhodes and our flight was late about a couple of hours. So we were just looking around and being tired of travelling, sad about leaving this beautiful place… simply full of emotions and the flight nowhere.

At that moment, I realized that there is no body language to read. It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

We are very often taught to read language only from books and pictures and then when we are out there we do not know what to look for, there are no text-book examples, there are real people and they do not act like in that book or like in the video.

At that moment, I realized that when there is no peak situation, no high-stake situation, when it is supposedly just a normal day, there is still a lot to read. But we don’t read about these signs. We want to spot a liar, a murderer, an unfaithful person or more of this high profile person traits but the truth is that it is very rear when you will spot a big fish like that.

Much more often we need to read much subtler yet very important messages, we are forced to read a group dynamics like the group having fun or not, who is the leader there, they know well each other. We need to read whether the person self-confident or more submissive, how much does the person express him/herself. Making sure whether the person is calm, nervous, stressed, etc.

This type of messages you can find in every single person out there. We are all conveying messages about our inner states and the person who reads body language should be able to spot them.

And when you will be able to spot these basic messages, you will lay basics for spotting these high-profile personality traits. By reading these signs, you are making a baseline of the behaviour so you could read the person more accurately next time or at the same time a bit later.

Back to the airport hall.

When I looked around this airport hall bridge of people were sitting motionless, looking into their phones or books, tucking shoulder to take the least possible space, not talking very much, auto-contact increase and lot (touching themselves), lips were pressed. Of course, there were more types of people, the majority of them were the first described group. The second group usually is a bit bolder and is trying to make the first group happy with much more strength and confidence in motions and speech but when you look closer to them will spot the same nervousness as the quiet people, they are coping with it in a more active way. And the third group is almost psychopathic because they are calm and cool, they are totally cool about flying and not afraid at all. This group is the smallest one, it is made of people who fly often for example.

People on the Rhodes airport

So the atmosphere was very similar to the majority’s feeling eg. suppressed, quiet and a bit nervous.

Moral of the story is looking for the momentary behaviour, it will give you a great insight into the person and when you will be aware of the signs I described above, your chance to catch the liar will raise. There is always something to read even when there is no motion at all. Remember that!

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