It was a lovely evening in the city we currently live in, when we found out there is going to be beauty contest show, girls who got to the final round had this traditional annual show in Podebrady, Czechia. 

As we have never seen something like this in person, we decided to have a look at the show, and it was also an excellent opportunity to get some new sets of baselines and observations in the field of modelling. 

There is a couple of thought I’d love to share as I noticed them and found valuable. 

The first thing to say is that all of the girls were very attractive, smiley and it’s no surprise regards they are in the final round of the beauty contest. 

But entering this kind of contest you are exposing yourself to the enormous stress of not being the most attractive and the slightest mistake might be fatal. That is not the only source of stress there but most likely the biggest one, from the inside.

The other source of stress is that you have to be up and alert all day long with a genuine smile, relaxed body language, etc. All the people are looking at you, looking at your body and looking for anything small what to criticise, because of the beauty contest, of course. 

And the stress was apparent in the body language of some girls walking on the red carpet in here. 

The second thing to say: “Confidence is so attractive!” 

Those girls who were 100% confident (or mastered this type of body language) were the most attractive, and it was no matter of body beauty. This confidence was sending a message of authenticity and self-worth, and most people in the audience were the same opinion, judging from their nonverbal responses to girls who radiated confidence. 

Here are some practical tips on how to be more confident:

  • When you are smiling, make sure it is a genuine smile involving eye contraction! This smile in-spite of what others might say can be faked if you bring up all your powers to smile genuinely when you have to. Using social/fake smile, the one produced only with a mouth movement without eye contraction, is diminishing your warm-heart-person vibe, which is vital for beauty and authenticity. Difference between these two versions of the smile looks like this.

You tell which smile is genuine more captivating and which one looks…kinda forced. 

Practise other facial expressions that are more attractive than a fake smile, and then after you have practised that use it while being photographed or while you are on the show and you have no power to hold a genuine smile. Facial expressions like determined face, surprised face, or you come up with something that is unique for you and more importantly, what looks nice on your face and is easy to hold. 

  • Don’t touch your facial area too much. To adjust hair once or twice for a photo is alright as it sends a flirty message, but doing it more is more likely taken as a stress sign because in stress we tend to touch our face. Normally people are not aware of this consciously, but they feel something wrong is there, and you are striving for eliminating these feelings. 

    Putting hair behind the ear is fine, twist hair on a finger is fine but not too much. When you feel nervous, you need to learn some other less visible way of expressing that in peak situations like this.

  • Another tip is to push your shoulders back! The turtle effect while walking creates an unpleasant appearance that ruins all the effort and attractiveness you have been able to gain up to this point. This tip is like an old cliche but still very powerful on overall appearance. Walk like this takes practice, like everything in life, even the facial expressions from the first tip, but it pays back million times especially for somebody striving for being the most attractive person in the room. 

    Push your shoulders back, relax them, expose your chest and go! 

    Sounds easy, harder to do but worth taking the effort.

  • Move your hips while walking. I understand the difficulty of this task when I see these crazy 20 centimetres high shoes, but maybe taking shorter shoes would be better in exchange for a more controlled walk. The walk is important in creating an impression, and when it’s unstable, the impression is unfortunately unstable too. On the other side, when it is stable, confident with only the necessary amount of movements, it creates such a powerful impression, you can’t imagine.

  • Watch people like Marilyn Monroe and learn from her example. As I don’t know many people from these days like she was, I have to mention her. She was known for her hard work and becoming famous and the sexy symbol of the time. But it wasn’t for free. 

    Her walk, facial expressions, the body language and all behaviour, as a result of hours and hours of hard work on doing what she wanted to achieve. The poses like this are not natural for her, and it didn’t just happen as might seem to. 

“The bedroom eyes”,

open mouth, 

side head tilt, 

raising the head and exposing neck, 

looking over a shoulder, 

raised shoulders, 

leg raise in the first picture.

All these signs are carefully picked and masterly trained clues to bring up a pre-orgasmic body language, which is attractive for obvious reasons. The story is inspiring because of the deliberate work on the dream, and the story of Marilyn is proof that her effort paid off. 

It’s all with the tips for now and let me go on with the story, there was one girl standing out with the confidence, and it’s radiation in all the categories of the evening, girl n.1. People have also noticed her confidence and among people was also a hired photographer of the show who later bothered this lady in quite the inappropriate way. 

It was in the last part of the show when all girls went to stand in front of people for “final-say-good-bye” they were all standing in line next to each other, girl n.1 stood at the beginning of the line, and the photographer guy stood there for a most of the time, way too close in her personal almost private zone and tried to talk to her and on the top of that blocking people from seeing her and potentially close the group venue.  

Which is something understandable, he wanted to talk to her, but a couple of time he checked her body so inappropriately I could believe it is happening. Scanning of the body in this manner, standing that close, is a sign of a physical eager. You look at the body or your lover when you want to get it, or you look at the body of the person when you are ready to fight. There is no other explanation, and others were also aware of this faux pas as well, and it was a little degrading for the show that this happened. 

Also, the timing of the starting this conversation wasn’t ideal as girls were standing there for some kind of sponsoring talks. 

Simply said the photographer had done a bad job representing interests of the show by inappropriate conversation (verbal and nonverbal) with one of the girls, in front of the crowd, in the middle of a program.  

One last note. In my courses, I teach about the body language of intentions and how several layers of the body are exposing our inner intentions and where the attention is going and here’s a very nice example of how feet are telling the deep intentions of ours. 

Feet are the furthest body part from the brain, so it’s under the least conscious control of the will. Loosely translated where the feet are pointed, this direction is where the owner of feet is giving his attention and setting his intentions to march this direction. And here is the picture of feet of the photographer as I mentioned it. 

Otherwise the show was nice, people enjoyed it and the dancing performance was outstanding! The evening was pleasant and reach for observing body language.

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