Let me be a little selfish in this post, haha. 

I want to tell you a story about how I used my body language skill and made money on a free event. 

As you know my day job is in café in London and our company sometimes do an evening event which is a great place where to observe and also be aware of my own body language and I am constantly trying to push myself to improve my skills in both areas. 

On the last event was by the way very interesting observing a couple on a first date. The girl was waiting for the guy for quite a long time and he wasn’t coming. She got a little nervous and went away. I couldn’t see them during the night because they were probably going around the museum where the café is situated in. But later when speeches started they showed up, finally both of them. She was very nervous around him and standing way too far from him and her torso and feet averted away from him but couldn’t stop looking at him. He was casual and calm, relaxed body language, smiling and sometimes looking away, he was probably aware of the fact she likes him but he was either playing he is not very much interested or he was genuinely not very much interested in her. 

But I will skip this, it is not what I wanted to talk about. 

Important facts before I start: 

  1.  For a people working in café, it is normal to get tips around 3-5 pounds a month. 

  2.  This event was pre-paid so it means people didn’t need to pay for what they drank or ate. 

I was serving Prosecco and wine on that night. As I am a body language coach I know how to act around people and I kind of enjoy talking to new people, meeting them and I consider that as a test of my abilities. During the night I was talking and smiling to people while handing them these drinks, I was myself and enjoying the moment. At one moment one lady came to me and give me a hand in a little strange way, the way I never got the hand before. 

So I said myself, wau let’s try what’s gonna happen there. So I shook her hand and there was a folded £5 note in her arm. I totally didn’t expect that but I played along so we shook hands while talking for about 10 seconds and then she turns around and left. It made me think about how strong treating people nice can really be. 

Why I am talking about this? 

As I test my abilities this was a sign I passed the test, haha. Impressive Body Language is an important part of our everyday life and when you treat people well with respect and you show them you value them and also you can smile alongside all of the respect, you will be carried high. A lot of people working in the hospitality industry and not just there are so busy with their egos that they forget to smile and treat people nice. 

It is not an easy job if you want to do it properly. When you will sell more than just a food or coffee, but a piece of yourself in every piece of the food you sell, you will feel more fulfilled at the end of the day and as a nice bonus, you get a bigger tip…on a free event. 🙂 

In the next week’s article I will tell you more about Impressive Body Language and what does it mean to me. I will show you how to break down each step and how to use it for your advantage then. 

See you next week! 

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