Let’s have a look at the next body language accent, for today it is from the United Kingdom, more specifically from London. This is the next episode of travelling series, I said last week I will post whenever I will travel someplace and notice things that are worth to mention body language-wise. It’s been a year and a half now since I’ve moved to London so let’s talk about it now. 

The people who were lucky enough to see London usually fell in love with the city somehow, on the different levels but loved the city anyway. I can’t say how is it possible but it has this spirit that captivates even the hardest hearts, hah. 

Let’s move from the small talk to the analysis part of it. 

First thing you notice here when you start talking to people is, they are so polite to talk to. It’s not very difficult to start talking to someone here because everyone opens the conversation with: “Hi, how are you?” And even when they don’t mean it sometimes it’s very nice and it makes you feel important and that’s very important in any kind of relationships. When you cross the path of someone here you both say “sorry” and smile to each other and it doesn’t really matter who caused it. 

It is probably on the nonverbal communication’s edge what I have just mentioned, I am aware of that but it is so strong clue, that I couldn’t forget to mention it.

Next nonverbal tell is the way the English people cloth. It is a very formal way of clothing which I really don’t know from the Czech Republic. You walking the streets and casually meeting people wearing their suits, sometimes casual suits, sometimes business suits but still wearing them. And even in the café in the afternoon they are dressed nicely when getting their tea. And not just men in the suits but also women clothing nicely. 

Let’s stop with English women, there is one thing that surprise and amaze me. They seem they are not ashamed of their grey or white hairs. It seems they are proud of them. Majority of women in the Czech Republic, where I grew up were colouring their hair so nobody could see these greys. Asking a woman about the age is the faux pas as Marry Poppins though as but their pride of the age and all it brings with it is inspiring, don’t you think? 

Smile compared to the Stockholm people is even on both sides therefore it looks more natural and people here seems not to save on smiles. It is rare to meet someone who is not smiling here. From the three countries, I want to talk about now, England is on the top of the list with smiles. In Stockholm, you had to initiate the smile and then people were very smiley. In the Czech Republic, you have to get the people on your side and then they are smiley and people here usually initiate the smile. 

There would be still more topics what to talk about, some more obvious than the others but let’s save something on the other time. But if you still want more, there is a YouTube video I have made about the same topic so you can feel free to visit the channel and watch the video. I also post it underneath this text. 

Thank you for your time. 

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