Prague is a beautiful city with beautiful people in it but the people are shielding themselves so much, you sometimes can’t even see them. Although the Czech Republic is my birth country it is the hardest country to talk about for me. 

The country made me, I grew up there and I have been meeting these people for 19 years every single day of my life so I kinda cannot see the specifics of them all even when I surely have them as well, not all of it, but some. 

Frown face is usual for a majority of Czech people especially in comparison with the UK or SWE. But it doesn’t mean that Czech people are not nice, they are taught just to appear like this and it sometimes looks like they compete who can complain more about stuff and who is more frown. And that is the shield, I have referred to. 

The historically-wise Czech Republic was betrayed and “tortured” so many times that the people had to make up a way how to survive when there was a power upon us. And the cost for that was basically don’t trust to anyone, you can never know who they work for and how they can use this against you. Don’t stand out from the line too much or you will be a dead body. Don’t do the stuff, there’s no point, you have literally no power to change anything. You can talk about the change but safe god not to actually start the change. 

This period of Czech history is so huge it fills the bookshelves but how does it affect the body language of Czech people? 

The result is…I don’t trust you unless you see me! 

Behind all the shields are hiding clever, nice people that are happy to talk you, when you pass the hard first round of the “interview”. This is the main point I want to make about Czechs because it is at least for the strongest feeling about the accent of this nation. 

The way how to communicate with each person is very important, hence it is important to know how to communicate with each nation even when there are single personalities in every nation. This is a strong specific about Czechs. Once you break that shield, you will a very loyal friend, but you have walk an extra mile to do it. 

I’d say it’s worth but probably because I am also Czech.

Here is the message, I wanted to give you so when you will be close to Czech person, you want to impress or just talk to hold the thought for a while and do your best to be yourself!  

If you want to hear a bit more, definitely czech 😀 the video because it is a bit different then the blog today. I hope to see you there! 

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