In antique greek, there was a guy named Platon (he was actually a great philosopher who we remember till today) and he believed that personality is represented a carriage dragged by two powerful horses and we will use this metaphor now in a slightly different way to explain the power and honesty of body language.
The horses that are dragging the carriage are affecting it even if the charioteer is doing his best to prevent the affection of horses on the vehicle other than what he orders them!
The charioteer is setting the direction, speed, decides when to stop etc but only as long as the horses agree. The minor changes the horses makes are visible, when they turn slightly to avoid a hole, when they speed up to run away from the danger. All these changes are visible even if the charioteer didn’t ask for them.
And it’s the same with the body language, you are pursuing some goal and your emotions are helping you to get there and they are expressing themselves in a visible way even if you are doing your best to hide them. The facial expressions, body orientation, shoulder and head positions, movement of feet or hands, all these signs are telling something about the current state of the road the same as the horses are reflecting the state of the road by changing pace, slight direction deviation, etc.
As you can see from the metaphor, the horses don’t lie about the state of the road, they are simply reacting what is in front of them. And it’s the same with the body language, it doesn’t lie about the current emotional state of the person. It only shows what the person experiences at the moment.
And if you learn how to read this subtle movements of the metaphorical horses, you become a communicational master because you see when someone gets angry, sad or disgusted, you see when someone needs to or wants to leave the meeting, you will see when person is feeling strong so you can tease and be playful with them or you will see when somebody is powerless so you can lift them up, you will see when someone is lying to you or telling a truth, you will see when someone likes but also dislikes you.
Can you imagine how your life changes if you can see so many things?
Nobody can ever hide anything from you!
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Hope to see you there! 🙂 

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